Getting Hair Extensions

Getting Hair Extensions

For those who have thin hair or hair which is not growing as fast as they would like it to, hair extensions are a godsend. Hair extensions instantly add length and volume to your hair and can blend in so well that nobody will ever know that you are even wearing them.

If you are considering getting hair extensions, there are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on which type of extensions to get.

1. How Much Do I Want To Spend?

Hair extensions vary in price based on the quality of the extensions as well as the method used to apply them. Human hair is obviously going to be pricier, but it will last much longer than synthetic hair.

Different applications of Eden hair extensions vary in time and labor involved, so that will affect the price as well. Keratin bonding, which involves using heat to fuse hair with extensions by way of small keratin-dipped strands, will cost somewhere around $1,000 as it is a fairly labor-intensive process.

A weave, which involves extensions being sewn into tiny braids of your own hair, will cost less because the process is a bit less involved.

2. How Long Do I Want My Extensions To Last?

If you just want hair extensions for an upcoming event like a wedding, clip-in extensions are the way to go. These can simply be clipped in and taken out when the night is over. They are fairly inexpensive but they have a relatively short lifespan.

If you want hair extensions which last for up to five months, go with keratin bonding. These extensions are made to last and will look healthy and natural for months at a time.

3. How Much Maintenance Am I Willing To Commit To?

The reality is that all types of hair extensions require maintenance on your end. As the extensions will inevitably behave differently from your own hair, daily styling is essential to keep your hair looking uniform. You also have to be sure to wrap or braid your hair when you sleep, otherwise the extensions can tangle easily.

Different methods for applying hair extensions require different levels of salon upkeep, however. For instance, if you opt for a weave, you will have to go to your salon about once a month to have them tightened.

Tape-in hair extensions, which use adhesive to bond the extensions to the scalp, require little if any salon upkeep as long as you are careful not to accidentally yank the extensions out with a hairbrush.

By asking yourself these questions, you will be sure to find the hair extensions that are best for you. Once you decide on a method, you will soon be on your way to longer and more luscious hair.

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